Die Oldis
Die Oldis



First of all we,  Leader and the Co-leader would like to welcome you in our ally.


We are looking forward to a co-operation in harmony and respect among all members

of  the ally and do not tolerate disputes or individual offence in our ally chat.


Tactical moves and decision are exclusively made by the Leader and the Co-leaders.





1: Every member coming online has to notify his presence (a short “hello” or something

    related) so that all online players know who is available to help.


2: Every player who is off  for more than 10 days  (240hrs) without excuse will be kicked,  

    regardless of how many bases he has. In case of absence please inform

    the Leader or one of the Co-leaders in advance.

    Please use the following link to inform the ally.

    click here   

    for contact form to Leader and Co-Leader


3: Without permission of the Leader or the Co-leaders no player should go to a new map.


4: Every member should participate actively in the game. On each new map every player

   has to take a minimum of 3 bases.


   When our ally is attacked on our mapsevery player online has to support the combat   

    operations. In case of repeated inactivity and no-support, the member can be kicked.


5: Smaller players should preferable take bases in the saver inner area of the map.


6: Jammer, wall and LR  (longrange) anti air flack is compulsory for each base taken !!!

     Outer bases should also be equipped with radar and detectortower.


7: Inner bases should have one loop of 10 flack to reach a total of 13., border bases must

    have a loop of 20 flack to have 13 in total.

    Bases close to HW must have a minimum of 25 flack

    A Helibase must have minimum 20 Flak and an Airbase minimum 30 Flak.


8: In order to take over or being assigned to a heli-base you have to have or take at least

    5 bases on that map. For an air-base it is 10 bases minimum. This is necessary in order

    to be able to build the correlated troops( helicopter or planes) -- see the MP list.

    click here


    Heli-or Airbases are assigned by Leader or Co-Leader


9: Our ally does not accept one-base players. they will be kicked.

     Exceptions are possible but have to be approved by the Leader and the Co-leaders


10: 2nd accounts are not allowed in our ally. For tactical reasons the Leader and the Co-

     Leader can give a temporary permission.


     In case that you have a 2nd account you can join our 2nd ally the Oldies(with “e”)

     Troops and bases of our 2nd ally Oldieswill not be attacked by the Oldis.

     Exceptions will be granted by Leader and Co-Leaders.


11: Before a map is not declared as conquered or “safe” our ally will not start a new map.


12: It is strictly forbidden to inform third party players ( players that are not member in our ally

      either Oldisor Oldies) about our tactical plans and strategies.




     In case of non-compliance to this rule, the player will be kicked immediately.


13: Leader and Co-Leader reserve the right to kick every member that only comes online to

      klick the account forward without any activity, because they only block the space for      

      new and active members.We will ask these players to shift their accounts to the ally Oldies 

     and the player can inform us when he wants to become active again.


14: Every player should show his online status, without any exception !!! you can do that in the 

      set up of your account point no. 5


15: All players that to not comply with our rules will be kicked from our ally.











Do not take a bases when several players have participated in the attack.

Please ask first in the ally chat if you can bring your apc .


Please do not shoot weak  red bases  od bases for beginners if it has not been

decided who will take that base. General rule is that you have to take the base

when you shoot the base.

Exception:  if it is certain that the enemy cannot bring an apc to take the base.


A mobile Jammer is no option for a sand-sack  base, every F22 (Raptor) can see

the base.


“Last Shot “ often means loss of troops for the other players. Its better to bring an

apc from another map. Under no circumstances you should try “last shot” with

Scotts, Tiger, Tansam or Pantsir.


Never park or forget  your troops on bridges, in the exit of other bases, at the front

line or at the HW’s


Don’t park your Helicopter at your Heli bases.  Min  3 bases away !! is much safer.


If possible park your troops only at strong bases with LR, Detector a lot of flack and

if possible with anti air defence.

Avoid and do not provoke strong allies !!!


To qualify for Co-Leadership you have to join TEAM Speak, but also every other member is

warmly invited to join  us on TS.


In case that you think about leaving the game for good  (not changing the ally) it would be nice.

If you would inform our Leader or the Co-Leaders that you want to re-set.

In no case just leave the game

click here

for contact form to Leader and Co-Leader



Tactical moves and decision are exclusively made by the Leader and the Co-leaders.